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With the acknowledgment of every woman’s body and personality  is unique, we offer MADEtorder services to create  BESPOKE DESIGNS  inspired by you and specially designed and constructed for you.

Step 1 - You need simply book an appointment with us to use the privilege of in person consultation with the head designer


Step 2 - During the consultation, we will discuss, your inspiration, style and preferred colours besides your available budget. We’ll show you suitable styles and fabrics to consider and choose from.


Step 3 - The creation process begins. We will present you two personalized designs in your given appointment. We will discuss the details and make changes accordingly to finalise your bespoke                            design.


Step 4 - Once the order is confirmed, we will inform you in advance how many fittings will be required and when these should take place.


Step 5 -  The process for evening dresses may take up to 30-45 days to be yours to enjoy forever.


Uniform plays a big part in people’s lives and so it’s important that the staff love aspects of their workwear, and they enjoy the experience of wearing it as well as feeling empowered to represent the brand.  With the awareness of this, we offer MADEtocorporate services for the companies in which we reflect the brand identity and convey the company values in the bespoke designs.

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